A Call for Choirs to Sing with Z. Randall Stroope

Join Z. Randall Stroope June 21-25, 2017 as he conducts the Festival Corale Internazionale di Roma - a world-class choral event with performances in the Vatican's St. Peter's Basilica and in one of the most gorgeous and historic basilicas in Italy - the Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

The Festival Corale Internazionale di Roma has become a seasoned classic in Italy’s historic capital.

Taking place annually in June, the event features a major choral performance in one of Rome’s most historic basilicas, Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva, and is punctuated by a Mass and choral participation in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

Rome International Choral Festival - Z. Randall Stroope

In 2009, I was first invited to be the featured artistic director for this festival in Rome, which brought together over 150 singers from around the United States and Canada.  During that festival, I was impressed by the expertise demonstrated by my friends at Music Celebrations International to assure that every musical experience was of the highest quality – the venues were stunning and the audiences were large and enthusiastic.

– Z. Randall Stroope

Z. Randall Stroope

On arrival in Rome, participating singers are exposed to to three days of eating, mingling, and rehearsing with one another under Dr. Stroope’s direction.  Explorations of Imperial Rome, featuring visits to the Roman Forum and Colosseum, as well as Religious Rome, highlighted by a tour of Vatican City, are interspersed with the rehearsals.

On the third day, after enjoying a guided tour via whisper system through the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, all festival participants join together to participate and sing in a late afternoon Mass in the glorious St. Peter’s Basilica – the largest of all Catholic churches in the world.

Rome International Choral Festival

My personal highlight was the “moment” of having just the choir ushered beyond the barricade at St. Peter’s Basilica before the mass.  It gave me goose bumps to watch my students proudly walking back behind the incredible art work and structure of the Basilica to go and sing in the most historic church in the world. It was surreal.

    – Joanna Hart, Director, The Bosque School Choir

Bosque Choir

Known as one of the most impressive spaces in Rome for the voice, Andrea Bocelli selected the Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva for his PBS millennium broadcast in December 1999 because of its tremendous acoustic and beauty.

By far this has been the best performing experience we have ever had! Large audiences, beautiful venue, love Randall Stroope!!! Life changing!

  – Carmelle Atkins, Director, Dearborn High School Choir

Dearborn High School Choir in St.jpg

As an extra bonus for choir directors, each year a free Director Preview Tour takes place during the festival dates, so that anyone interested in taking the choirs they lead to the festival the following year may get a year-in-advance glimpse of what to expect. Use the form below to download a copy of your FREE preview tour information.